Five days in Ziller's Zemmstal..


Day 1. Sport climbing on granite! Woah!


Day 1. Going home following the water, after a last climb.


Day 2. Dripping day. Dense mist moves fast between the steep walls of a tight valley passage. Even the most brutal overhangs are black and drip. Yet miraculously we find a few near-dry routes and eventually we even shortly see the sun. We manage several hard lines and try La vita e bella.


Day 3. An Ewige Jagdgründe tower. We climb the classic Ego, nein danke! right of the frontal arête. The line runs up to the light, the dark roof and then the light again.


Day 4. Markus right before he sticks the crux and sends Slop Hop at Bergstation above the town of Ginsling. (On the left, draws shine in Gravity Well which Hans will flash. Everyday we get stronger on Ziller's granite. Tomorrow will be a total blast.)