The beginning of The Watchtower, an open project by Ruben.


Warming up at Su Casteddu for Nannice


Flash floods bring waterfalls to life. The sudden guards of Lecorci even burst out from underneath the rock. Thieb follows the stream that took over this goat path.






Extended map of the region that we drive through. For a road map op Sardinia click here. Notice the Blue Zone (where statistically people easily grow over a hundred) is situated at the undeveloped Orosei Golfo and its inland old-tree Gennargentu mountains.



La Danza del Maestrale at Sa Tappara


Gloomy and rainy is the shrubby forest. We hike steeply down over orange rocks, raveled by thick curly roots. Sometimes we can peek through the canopy in front of us. All of a sudden the view is filled by swelling water a little further down. Immediately our heads shoot red 'cause in the instant it looks as though the darkblue Mediterranean tilts towards us, and the forest tilts to the expanding blue, and all goes to fold together to be flushed by the heavy and cold blue mass. It's an optical illusion.

We remain on our guard as the dizzying sea keeps swaying in all different directions: no plane to imagine here, gravity has given away. We're insects at the edge of a stew of strongly-shaken slowly-rocking dark-blue lava chaos, disobeying the laws of attraction to the earth. We're monkeys with barely anything between us and some very unrealistic CGI of a tsunami-apocalypse in a cheap Hollywood movie. This is not water I thought I've known. We don't know what's next with this agitated Neptunian madness.




Narcissus tazetta


Climbing Pedra Longa via Marinaio di foresta




Jackpress at Ichnusa