Zürich Alps. Red pinpoints from left to right: Gastlosen, Mönch, Haslital, Sidelhorn, Salbitschijen, Grosse Schijen, Walensee/Murgtal, Äscher/Ebenalp and Hundstein.



Poster of Zürich.


ΔCaptain Salbit (last autumn)


To the Salbit hut, looking straight at the ridge that we'll go for tomorrow.


ΔAlpstein skies (last spring)


Seven pitches above Fälensee, sailing Alpstein skies.


A girl who was yodeling came to talk to us about their cows, goat, donkey, horses, dog, cat, pigs, and her 8 brothers and sisters (she's the youngest), and how she and her father just walked up the hill with heaps of gear and groceries after a necessary once-in-a-month visit to the city.


Sankt Gallen realm


Alpstein is a little continent in the sky, of which the outer walls are besieged by countless cable cars, bringing thousands of instagrammers with shopping bags. It's made Alpstein central in a wave of cliché reels showing a girl (always in tight leggings and wearing a lifestylish backpack) walk forward to a view (but which is actually an edge). Far from the maddening waiting lines of instagrammers, goatie browses this plant heaven.


ΔWhite mountains


Eiger Mordwand and its bully clouds (click for infographic)


Mönch's steep south face.


Gärstengrat, guard of the Rhône glacier. Nearby we must've crossed the footsteps of 19-year old Tolkien, wandering off by foot on his travel by horse and cart.


ΔGross Schijen



Super saiyan today... you have to be for what's coming: a direct ascend through weird granite sawblade flakes. After six lengths you have to escape onto a labyrinthine ridge with unexpected abysses, requiring full self-reliance to find a way out.