H  O  T  O  S       T  O  R  I  E  S       O  C  I  O       O  N  D  R  O  Z 

Misty Mountains

Zürich Alps. Red pinpoints from left to right: Gastlosen, Mönch, Haslital, Sidelhorn, Salbitschijen, Grosse Schijen, Walensee/Murgtal, Äscher/Ebenalp and Hundstein.



ΔCaptain Salbit (last autumn)


To the Salbit hut, looking straight at our ridge that we'll go for tomorrow.


ΔAlpstein skies (last spring)


Seven pitches above Fälensee, sailing Alpstein skies.





ΔWhite mountains


Eiger Mordwand and its bully clouds (click for infographic)


Mönch's steep south face.


Gärstengrat. Nearby we must've crossed the footsteps of 19-year old Tolkien, wandering off by foot on his travel by horse and cart.