Wow bro what you find?


They looked at me the same time I looked at them, waking up from dozing on each other. They got up and approached but they frantically avoided to be touched as if our hands were on fire. And they scared up from a bird singing and skipping from the clover flowers into the overgrowth.

But they strolled along, half playing, half leading, half wandering off, but each time one would race towards us again and the other would quickly make sure to join his brother. They followed and led us up for a while and then shortly down straight into some sunlit kind of little rock palace carved out of an oak tree hill.

By the afternoon the two rascals dropped into the thick pink old jacket, exhausted from all that happened, they didn't know how much and what anymore and we didn't either. When we got out in the evening they got up, leaving the Romanians climbing. Mr. Black and he walked along, slightly up and then all the way down, the whole hike back.

We were going to ask a nearby farmer if he knew them. We left them at the verge of dark bushes and bright herbs at the dirtroad shoulder. They quit playing, stopped checking a brown cow sitting hidden in tall grasses and the shadow of an elderberry bush. We looked behind and we didn't expect, but we saw them sit next to each other, look at us. The farmer didn't know about these 80(?)-day-olds.

Another plan then?


Pumpgun, godly moves up the volcanic depths of Mordor (on the left Girls Club and on the right Glühfinger and Handcuffed lightning (something Muhammad Ali once said))


Hannah Meul well on her way to onsight Hermann Buhl, the dyno will decide..


A kid aborts the family hike and crawls up to watch this epic route


Now following the trails here. Tomorrow up the Molignée valley to face the killer cows and make it once again to the legends-eating mortals-unfriendly projie..


The first 'field cow-wheat' of the year. The flower in Belgium only remains on a few rocks as these are unique unspoiled places for the last thousands of years.


Multipitch with Daan in Le Triangle du Diable in the dim street lantern lights


Liesbeth climbs above a blossoming whitebeam in Kaweechelchen (Luxembourgish for squirrel).


Bennie around Easter in The Walk of Life (extension), an unbelievable line in the Waldviertel near Wachau (known for the 30.000 year-old Venus of Willendorf).


Alana halfway. Soon Le Cathedral is beaming yellow with spring cinquefoil.



To Grotta Pineta


A bitter almond tree, and if you find him a less bitter Smokey in Truffatore.