Phil going for Sabotage in Dave.


Plato's Insel on the Atlantis rock in Höllental, Rax-Schneeberg, high above the Schwarza flow.


Two people traversing the Cosmiques ridge when a chough dives by.


Two duos approaching
Two duos approaching, left on the horizon the Gran Paradiso shows up. (click for larger view)



It's that time of the year: workers hike up with heaps of work ahead. Tools: scaffolding and stairs. Deadline: before the snow melts and the tourists burst out of the mountain train to see the leftover Mer de Glace glacier. Soon, from that station, the tourists will take a high-tech 1960's lift down to the level of the 1960's. Then will start a winding descend on improvised stairs, dramatically expanded by the workers each year in order to reach the disappearing ice.

In 1825 the glacier ice was 360m thick here. In 1995 it was 245m. When I pass the plate of 2018 (sometimes I still think it's 2018 now) I still have quite a drop beneath me. Eventually I reach the current 2021 glacier: 90m thick.

There's something metaphorical to the speed of this retreat. More in the article right below..