Liuba in Teuchipa (Bibendum's hard left variant) ready to link it all in one line tomorrow..



The important start boulder of Slow Food on Beau Mouvement.


Constellation of Céüse. A mix of famous and unknown stars.


A Sigoyer local greets me at the drinkwater.


An ammonite. Several spots show big ones have been chiseled out, assumably stolen for private property.


Careful not to get poison in my eyes from this Fire Salamander that pops up after the region sees the first shower since ages.


The Biographie sector. Biographie and Bibliographie are just out of frame on the left.


A male Great Sooty Satyr (Satyrus ferula).


The realm of never-landing swallows.


On top.


The left light (almost hidden) is climbing Makach Walou. Then a striking white stripe indicates the iconic Petite Illusion that starts from a tufa. The next light is in the unknown Casse-noisette and the right light scales classic pocketfest Zagreb.